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IT, the Information Technology and Computer, this wonderful machine amazed the world with the touch of key and with the click of a mouse. As we are leaving each day behind and facing the new one it is being accompanied with more and more amazement. It is very strange that god does not gift the computer. This man made and man controlled super power instrument can retrieve a huge amount of data instantaneously. The advent of e-mail, Internet, e-commerce and mobile communication has made the world a small town-like. The communication is becoming easier day by day. With the explosion of technology in this stream the acute need of trained professionals are also increasing fast. But, more than 80% of Indians are far away from these technological benefits.


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    Any individual or organisation can bocome an Authorised Training Centre (ATC) of Jawaharlal Nehru Computer Literacy Drive.

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    The last decade in the global arena has witness a tremendous growth in the area of information technology. Rapid advances in the technologies for communication media like television, computer, internet, printing and publishing has enabled us to get prompt access to required information.